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Gas / Diesel / Electrical Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters :
Gas is the fastest and the most economical way to heat water. It’s the way homes and establishments across the world heat water. Heating water with a gas water heater costs much less compared to an electric heater. One gets to save as much as 66 percent on water heating and also gets hotter water much faster with gas.
Features :
Safety Features :
Diesel Water Heaters :
The diesel heater is generally a very popular home heater and is quite rapidly becoming popular amongst campers and motor home owners, especially those who love to have the option of camping away from any sources of electricity. While the notion of burning diesel brings with it ideas of danger and harm, diesel fuel heaters these days are totally harmless, especially if installed properly. They do not need to be installed by an expert.
Electric Water Heaters :
We stand for Quality, Reliability and Performance and are backed up by an efficient, swift and friendly after sales service support. The electric water heaters are designed as per the customer needs and requirements which provide longer life even in hard water areas because of lower scale formation. We design and make wide range of water heaters to suit various requirement, usage, capacity and living conditions.

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