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Electric Heat Tracers

Heat-tracing systems reliably maintain process temperatures in a wide range of applications. We offer various systems using different technologies, suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.
Industrial Applications
Solutions designed for installation in industrial applications involving processes in pipes, wells, tanks or vessels for freeze protection or temperature maintenance in light or heavy industries: Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mills, Food, etc.
Commercial and Residential Applications
Hot water temperature maintenance system :
The Chandrlok system keeps hot water at a consistently warm temperature, no matter how complex the building. Attached to hot water supply pipes, HWAT self-regulating heating cables compensate for heat loss and maintain hot water temperature throughout the building. The Chandrlok hot water temperature maintenance system offers an intelligent way to instantly supply hot water in hotel rooms, office buildings, ... The heating cable's flat construction allows design and installation flexibility. Engineered for direct application on hot water pipes the Chandrlok system does not require return pipes, valves or pumps. The intelligence of the system resides in the self-regulating cables and the Chandrlok HWAT-ECO control unit. Chandrlok's hot water maintenance systems are installed in hundreds of hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings.

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