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Water Conditioning Device

Water Conditioning Device (WCD) is 100% Natural Water Treatment system which works on the patented Redox ( Oxidation-Reduction ) Technology & enables water flow freely through the system without causing deposits, rust, corrosion. They use No External Chemical, No Electricity, No Salts or No Resins in the process hence are 100% Maintenance Free & Natural Water Treatment System.

It is a heavy duty product & has been specially designed to serve Domestic & Industrial Applications. It can be used for all Household, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural applications with equal ease & efficiency for treatment of Polluted & Hard Water from all Natural Water Resources.

The patented Redox technology safely removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen, sulphide, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, other water soluble heavy metals & bacteria from the water, eliminates scale, fungi, rust & algae, prevents deposits and returns crystal clear soft water for direct use.

WCD is lab tested 100% recyclable system which contains no chemical additives. It can be used in Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants & Swimming Pools as a Natural Water Treatment System for treating municipal water into soft water. It is an ideal solution for use in GAC Beds, Ion Exchange Resins, Carbon Block Filters & Inline Carbon Filters. It dispenses the need of costly & harmful chemicals in water treatment process & results into Low-cost, High-efficiency, Zero Maintenance & Greater Productivity. It cuts your recurring costs of soaps, pool chemicals, detergents, electricity & proves to be a great money saver.

Using WCD in factories will save your machines & water treatment systems from scaling problems, rust & algae, which are commonly found in Hot & Cold Water Systems, Heat Exchangers, Injection Machines, Cooling Towers, condensers, Compressors, Softeners, Pressure Hosing Machines, Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Electric Valves, Photography Laboratories, Fountains, Cooling Systems, Casting Ovens, Solar Systems & other similar equipments due to Hard Water Supplies.

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